A Visual Wave

Although I’m still in the works of getting a VegAngeleno instagram/twitter/FB – here are a few snippets. Hi! That’s me! *waves*

FYI — Better picture quality to come. These are older photos before this beautiful new blog was even a brain child.

Above: The V family at Huntington Gardens for my 30th birthday. So beautiful! The gardens I mean… but I did love my outfit too…
15800168_10101982165316916_3718293724743047320_oAbove: Celebrated a Noon Year’s Celebration for the baby bear then some awesome sandwiches at Ike’s in Burbank. Pearls, polka dots, and round fruits for the Filipino New Year skeptics!

Above: Lovely pinks at the grocery store and some homemade beet dressing on my greens.

15875439_10101990431157106_3569534080693148524_oAbove: Mom’s work is never done. In this picture are four jobs – cleaning up the living room, working out, logging about fitness and my goals, and reading that book off to the side so I’m not completely stuck in only one world!


The Handy Vegan,


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