Reds, Pinks, & Purples

This will mark the umpteenth week in a row that I’ve cooked with beautiful produce from the jewel-toned side of the color spectrum mentioned above. I have really loved cooking eggplant (though the pretty purple gets peeled away, in my dishes at least!), red onions, red cabbage, taro (or ube to me!), and beets (beautiful beet hummus recipe and product review to come!)

Having a tiny tot who doesn’t normally eat food with such vivid color does give me a small audience to please other than myself. I am obliged to rock his world as often as I like with a purple yam! But I will say, that having those pretty pinks or purples on my plate definitely brings a smile to my face before I fill that mouth with the next over-sized helping of beet hummus. And pairing those colors with fresh greens fills the plate, your belly, and the senses.

Eggplant Artwork Credit: Yoshiko Takatsuka

Maybe it was the pinks and greens I wore on my birthday. Maybe it was the Trader Joe’s beet hummus I brought as a hit to a Christmas party. Whatever the case, I am really digging these pretty hues and hope you are enjoying the food you’re eating as much as I am. Eat the rainbow! Try the purples!

Your VegAngeleno,


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