Restaurant Review – Juicy Ladies, Woodland Hills


Once a week, I workout steps away from this pretty little organic juice bar and vegan cafe. On this third occasion I’ve come in, I feel that every pre-made snack and meal, tonic, and entree in this shop really was made and put together with so much more than assembly line efficiency. The baristas and cooks here really take their time to put out a beautiful end result for each diner. Physically, it’s very tidy, light, and the seating area is decorated with eclectic and lively colors in their choice of paintings, pictures, and furniture. Quirky sculptures and green succulents adorn the tables and shelves. There is also a hanging garden for you to enjoy and a variety of healthy mind and body books on a neighboring end table. You’ll feel like you just walked into Frankie Bergstein’s house or whomever your hippie, crunchy friend may  be with her agate collection, meditation hour, and her sprouts and kombucha in the fridge. All that, by the way, I would love to have but the realities of a family have distrated me from it. I’m slowly finding my way back to the things that bring me inner joy and peace too! Like conscious eating in pretty cafes!


Juicy Ladies is full of vegan options. They have a convenient refrigerated section with pre-packed meals, snacks, and bottles of juice. Counter service was friendly and quick. This is no hippie cafe where the workers are drinking tea and doing yoga in the backroom! Each staff member was working diligently and service was attentive.

I decided to order something I know I love,
something I think I’ll love,
and one thing for kicks and giggles!


I ordered a Tofu Scramble Burrito,
a Chai Immune Tea tonic,
and an Immunity shot! (ginger, lemon, oregano oil, & cayenne pepper!)

The sprouted tofu scramble they put in their burrito is something really hard to achieve this well. I’ve had a handful of other tofu scrambles that lacked in texture or weren’t flavorful enough to be called a scramble. This one had a nice, solid texture on the bite and wasn’t just flavored with turmeric for yellow coloring! I enjoyed it very much with no hot sauce. I’ve been laying off the spice these days to avoid throwing a well of water down my throat and losing feeling in my mouth when enjoying a great meal. But they serve hot sauce on the side for spicy lovers! The avocado and other veggies in the burrito had great color and were very fresh. It also comes with a spring mix side salad and vinaigrette. I very much enjoyed this order and intend to order it again if I’m not trying their lunch or dinner menu next!


I thoroughly enjoyed my Healer’s Hot Chocolate tonic last time I ordered but my friend got the Chai and darn it if I don’t love Chai tea! My food came out rather quickly but my drink took a bit longer. Not much just a few minutes as I waited for my friend to meet up with me. I watched the barista fervently measure out my Chinese herbs and spices and mix my drink. She walked over and said to me with a smile, “This was made with a lot of love.” It was the first thing I tried out of my order. This is what you order when you’ve had a hell of a week feeling like everyone’s punch bag and deserve something intently made with care and attention! The tonics are on the pricey side but it’s well worth it for the array of ingredients and the love put into it’s making. Yelp has this place at $$ but you truly get what you pay for here. You can’t get a warm treat like this just anywhere, folks. Just as Starbucks would pride themselves on making your iced caramel macchiato in under 5 minutes, Juicy Ladies can be proud they put some time and thought into my drink. And it tastes all the better for it!

I decided I would split the immunity shot with my hubs when I got home. Let me say that I’ve never had any kind of healthy drink shot other than trying a sip of someone else’s wheat grass shot. (Which I set myself up to hate since I was still eating meat and junk at the time.) This shot immediately burned up the lines in my lips, my throat, all the way into my chest, and down my stomach! I felt like I was transported to my college days and just had a shot of Bacardi 151! Devil’s juice in other words! The heat subsided and quickly became more comfortable. I cooled it with some overnight oats and chocolate almond milk. But my burps afterwards still tasted of the ginger and cayenne… I’m brave enough to say I’d try more healthy shots in the future! But I may be done with cayenne and ginger shots…


I also ordered Mr. V a Nori burrito to go. I thought it’d be nice to try the un-tuna. It came out of the kitchen fast and he enjoyed it very much at home. The un-tuna was more of an imitation on canned tuna than a slice of tuna like sushi. That was a bit disappointing since he loves Japanese food, especially sushi. But the box went in the recycling bin empty – so I think we got no protests there! It also came with a spring mix side salad and dressing.

Altogether, I really enjoyed dining at Juicy Ladies. Vegan-eating was easy here since it is a vegan cafe! It was a cafe filled with warmth and character. You could order a pinky-up with your immunity shot and be a power vegan! Or you could order your vegan black bean burger and be done with it. You have the convenience of dining in, to-go, or picking up a super quick snack from the refrigerator section. You have a variety of hot and cold drink options; from juices, smoothies, tonics, kombucha, tea, and coffee. Lemon-mint water is complementary at the bar. There are also food orders for the raw and cooked vegan! Cooked vegan… that doesn’t sound good. I plan to come here again and again and may just take a snapshot of my next great meal here. The counter, kitchen, and bar were great. And the ambience was as if you are visiting your favorite crunchy friend’s loft with lots of color and art, inspiration everywhere, growing plants, but minus the cat hair on your pants!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll keep tuning in and follow my adventures as an herbivore in L.A.! Have a great Sunday!

P.S. Much better photo quality next major post, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for your patience!


The Handy Vegan,



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