Bakery Review – Feel Good Desserts, Simi Valley


No lunch with my ladies is complete without a bit of indulgence. Veganism has definitely not stopped my sweet tooth. And as much as I love a banana nice cream or sweet mandarins, sometimes a little baked delight never hurt nobody! It was ladies lunching and we didn’t get dessert over at the Natural Cafe, so we gave ourselves sweet, sugary permission to be sinful for the day.

We decided on an impromptu visit to Feel Good Desserts courtesy of Yelp once again. This is definitely a place for making orders to-go or placing big orders for an upcoming party. With one table inside and the special occasion catalog binder on it, it’s not much of a dine-in bakery but it was worth our time visiting. The bakery was being managed by a kind young man, Mikey, with polite service. There’s a Parisian shabby chic motif inside with little quirky-cute accents everywhere. It’s a simple place to pick up a cupcake and go. The charm and heart is in the sweets not in the exterior bakery or it’s decorations.

This bakery distributes to 3 local vegan-conscious locations – one of which I’ve already reviewed, Follow Your Heart (FYH) Natural Foods & Cafe in Woodland Hills. It was a very happy coincidence that we yelp’d this bakery. Now I’ll be checking in on their goods at FYH!


After perusing the refrigerator section of its juices and the counter, with it’s adorable pastel-colored vegan macaroons, I decided on a Snickerdoodle Cupcake for myself and a Green Tea Mousse Cake to go for Mr. V. Mikey was kind enough to check the freezer and warn me that it’d need to defrost a bit before sitting down to eat it. The menus on the walls were handwritten and I liked that it was a simple menu with not too many choices. Our lunch location that day, the Natural Cafe, had a very wide selection and a little simplicity was welcome at that point.

My Snickerdoodle Cupcake was chilled very well so there was no unfortunate melting of the frosting. It was at a buttercream texture and had a very moist cake underneath. The vanilla and cinnamon flavors were tasty and the spice wasn’t overpowering. The portion for $3.49 was also pretty decent. I’m sad to say I left my hubby’s cake in my friend’s freezer and am not able to review that part! Sorry! At least she will get to enjoy a little icey surprise some time soon.

All 3 of my omnivore friends who researched and accompanied me to this bakery ordered and enjoyed their treats. I love my supportive friends so much and I’m grateful to have shared their company to provide you with this review. Big hugs to Teresa, Sandy, and Helen – my bookstore gals!


This place is definitely a no-brainer. I didn’t have to modify any orders as it is an all-vegan bakery and was able to be a kid in a candy store! I will be considering this place for future parties or even Valentine’s day and will share my orders here with you all if I do. If you’re ever in Simi Valley and looking for some red velvet cupcake or chocolate ganache cake – go to Feel Good Desserts, folks!


P.S. I also got to go home with a cute little souvenir bracelet that reads “I 💚 therefore I am vegan.”

The Handy Vegan,


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