Easy Street – Fairfax & 4th

After a rushed morning yesterday, I tried to get my little family’s butts over to the La Brea Tarpits for the free admission. But only after a lunch with some friends who picked a very classic Italian restaurant, veal included.

Andre’s on Fairfax and 4th near the LACMA & Tarpits has one vegetarian sandwich and a few veggie side orders – but I wasn’t up for a boring salad and sides.

Thankfully, Whole Foods Market was just nearby in the same plaza. I haven’t stepped into this particular one after switching to vegan but it was lovely. They have a hot and cold food bar. I had a heavy helping of the bean Masala and curry rice. There was some tofu that was forgettable and some delicious cinnamon sweet potatoes. Of course there were plenty of hot and cold vegetables of different tastes. I picked the garlic broccoli. Yum! You pay by the pound so overbuying is definitely an understandable outcome. My check was higher than I wanted but I brought this food over to the restaurant for a peace offering. 

In this case, I avoided the Italian restaurant altogether and went with the quick, convenient way. 

Sorry no pictures this post, folks. I didn’t snap any that time and want to post only original photos using my “fancy” camera.

The grocery store was my fast food, ladies and gents! Convenient, healthy, and cruelty-free. 💚🌱

The Handy Vegan,



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