Quick Eats – Loteria Grill at the Farmers Market at the Grove

A mommy-friend with her little ones and I with my boy decided to catch a weekly Kids Club day at the Grove and have some lunch. They played Latin music and sang in English and Spanish today at Kids Club. The singer was Colombian. A foreshadowing of food to come.

I had only researched restaurants outside of the Grove (will go to Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine next time!) and not the Farmers Market so I went in semi-blind to lunch today. Which I don’t like. I like having a game plan, especially when out with the baby bear. 

Firsthand, I knew there were produce stands and a smoothie place if I gave up on savory, cooked food. So you raw folks, definitely have options. I did see falafels upon entering. But I’ve been craving Mexican for a bit so I was excited to see Loteria Grill.

(Photo c/o: Let’s Om Nom)

They have a vegetarian portion of their menu. I decided to try different vegetables in my tacos today. Sadly, didn’t get pictures cause I was juggling feeding my son and forgot but will have it in the pipeline to re-review the Farmers Market at the Grove officially. If we like Kids Club I may return sooner than later. 

I ordered the nopalitos (cactus paddle) and calabacitas (Mexican squash – closer to a zucchini than squash as I know it) tacos with rice and beans. You have to ask for no cheese and have the option of subbing a lettuce cup instead of the corn tortillas. I wish I had because it was a bit greasy of a tortilla for me. I’ve seen nopales cactus paddles at my produce store but have admittedly been a bit intimidated to try them out. The nopales were a pleasant surprise! They were tender and well-seasoned. I liked them more than the squash. The Mexican squash is just a familiar taste and texture (zucchini) and I was hoping for more of a butternut squash taco. My mistake! The tomatillo salsa on both tacos was also delicious and even the black beans were very flavorful too.

Mexican craving satisfied. Yum! 🌮🌵🇲🇽

The Handy Vegan,



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