Restaurant Review – By Chloe, Silverlake

img_3283img_3248My baby bear is old enough to participate in a lot more things than he could last year. So, I decided we should go celebrate the Lunar New Year somewhere! I really wanted to show him a dancing, ten-person dragon but we didn’t quite catch it this year. Instead of going to Chinatown and getting in the thick of street and feet traffic, I thought the Americana in Glendale would be okay. Hello, my name is wrong. Smaller space with so many people and not really many interactive things for toddler… After buying a kite and decorating a lantern and a fan we were out of that popsicle stand and really hangry!

I was up to the challenge of eating at an omnivore’s restaurant but with Mr. V so accommodating and very much ready to leave the Americana, we drove to Silverlake after some trusty yelp research.


By Chloe, is a cafe beside a 365 by Whole Foods Market. This all-vegan cafe with 6 franchises in New York, 2 in Boston, and our mini version in L.A. is stylish, 100% vegan and plant-based, and a happy burger and ice cream craving remedy for me! They serve American classics; such as burgers, sandwiches, french fries, salads, and pastas. They also have a coffee and ice cream portion of the menu with exciting choices. Even your puppy can dine here! There are 2 items on the menu for your fur baby!


Service was really friendly and quick. The dining area is tiny though and had no high chairs. We had to improvise and use our stroller for my son to eat. There’s a huge lot in front of the market and cafe, so that’s not an issue. I also thought the quirky decor was stylish and modern. They have a graphic style on all of their printed items; napkins, menu, signage – and it is retro and very cute. They used that same black and white style on a coloring page and offered crayons for kids… even though they have no high chairs…


I ordered the Whiskey BBQ burger, Mr. V got a Pesto Meatball Sandwich, we shared a side of Sweet Potato French Fries, and got the Mac n Cheese for the little man. This was accompanied by the self-serve Beet Ketchup and Spicy Aioli sauces.

My Whiskey BBQ Burger consisted of seitan and mushrooms, grilled pineapple, a sauteed kale and onion marmalade,  atop a potato brioche bun, with a Bourbon BBQ sauce. I loved that the sauce had a kick to it because the sweetness of the pineapple complemented it. Because of the presentation, half of the “burger” part of my “burger” fell to the bottom and I had a pineapple sandwich for my first bites! After reconstructing it, I was satisfied with my order of choice. I am not a fan of bready burgers, so I actually can say I would’ve preferred a smaller bun. But, the bread itself was soft and had that firm, brown outer brioche shell. The sweet potato fries had me hooked on their in-house made sauces. The beet ketchup was of course a beautiful bright pink and tasted like organic gourmet ketchup. But the winner in the sauce world today was the Spicy Aioli. It had a nice thick but spreadable, mayo-like texture and a nice smokey, creamy taste. Knowing this is a vegan restaurant – I was really pleased to receive treats like having a burger, spicy aioli sauce, and french fries. I felt normal. As opposed to the opposite, which is struggling to find and veganize the menu before it’s your turn to order.


My hubby’s order was the Pesto Meatball Sandwich. The “meatballs” (mushroom + veggie) were delicious and tasted in-house made as well. The sauce on it was really wonderful. I actually wanted to complain that I thought a bigger meatball and less bread would’ve made me shut up. It was so good, of course I wanted more! A clean plate let me know how Mr. V felt about it. He also had a cold brew with their in-house made creamer (almond milk, agave, vanilla, and spices.) He of course thought it wasn’t strong enough because he basically lives on caffeine from coffee. I thought it was delicious! And so neat to have your own creamer to offer.

My son thoroughly enjoyed his vegan Mac n Cheese. We spread beet ketchup on it and it made the whole tray a lot more colorful!

Of course, I needed to review at least 1-2 desserts. Especially since they were winking at me from the door. There was a huge chocolate chip bunuelo, “Chlostess” cupcake, and ice cream & pops! I even got to sample their Purple Rain smoothie and it was delicious.


We ordered the hostess lookalike Chlostess cupcake and the Kale Cookies + Cream ice cream. The cupcake had the same exact consistency as the Hostess brand. This is hard to replicate so props for that By Chloe! The Kale Cookies + Cream ice cream had a smokey flavor to it and the cookies were soft cookies not your typical Oreo. I really enjoyed both desserts and so did my family! They had 4 other ice cream flavors, a handful of pop flavors, and a counter filled with baked pastries. Including a Bunuelo-style, chocolate chip cookie.

Overall, I really appreciate that this is beside a market. You could bring your family for lunch then go shopping  afterwards. However, not having a single high chair in the whole joint was pretty discouraging to me. I suppose eating then shopping is left to families with older children. I’m glad we parked nearby and had the stroller ready as per usual. That would be a great plan. It is on the smaller side, so I wouldn’t bring more than a party of 2-3. The menu is pretty classic SoCal and we loved it.

If you’re ever in Silverlake and would like to grab a bite and maybe pick up some organic produce – By Chloe is yummy and really cute! They also have brunch on weekends. Something to consider when planning a visit. Everything really did taste in-house made and fresh.

Thanks for the eats By Chloe!

The Handy Vegan,


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