What Do Raw Vegans Eat?

Hello herbivores!


Etsy: Jade Decals

I’m reaching a place in my fitness journey that I’d like to experiment with a cleaner vegan diet than I’ve been eating. Tofu dogs, grilled veggies, and quinoa are great — but when tofu dogs and sausages become your comfort food it’s time to step back! The last time I did raw veganism was for a bout of juicing that resulted in an awful yo-yo effect. The primary goal for this is just to find out how I feel eating raw and see if it’s something I can incorporate into my regular routine a bit more. I do have a near-carnivore mom, omnivore hubby, and a nearly-vegan, vegetarian baby (with food texture issues! ^_^) so I do still have to cook in my household.

Comment me your thoughts on a raw vegan diet. What were your successes and failures on this diet? How did it make you feel? What helped you in starting out? Any tips would be much appreciated!

The Handy Vegan,


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