Green Saturday L.A. Recap


Hello herbivores! Last Saturday I had the opportunity to bring my family to the Green Saturday L.A. event in Torrance at the Steinhaus restaurant in Alpine Village. It’s the quaint little smorgasbord of German shops selling cute kitschy Christmas ornaments, babushkas, and other trinkets. I was so excited about it that my family arrived early. We watched the vendors bring their bins, banners, and other booth items into the event.

For starters, entry was a donation to the Whiskers and Tails Foundation. They had some adorable blue-eyed kitties and sweet mutts outside of the festival. I received a grab bag of all kinds of coupons for vegan snack items when I paid for entry too. It was a bit dark inside but the place was loaded with so many different vegan vendors. There were artists, clothing and accessories, beauty products, more vegan food than I have stomachs for — unless I were a cow! It was glorious! This was my first vegan event and I was beyond excited to be there. I was able to meet so many kind individuals who were perpetuating a cruelty-free lifestyle.

For links to my favorites of that day go to my IG account and find the vendors from my slideshow down there! Awesome, awesome group of highly talented folks. 

There were some phenomenal vendors at this event. I hope to see them again at the Vegan Street Fair on March 26th! What a great experience for my very first vegan event! I’m inspired by all of you.

The Handy Vegan,

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