Produce Delivery Review – Farm Fresh to You


I’ve been trying to find a produce co-op and trying to research co-ops in general the last couple months. I really want to live more communally and intentionally. I have been offered Blue Apron by my sister-in-law and plan to try it in the near future. I came across Farm Fresh to You after Green Saturday L.A. and decided to let my family try it out.


Farm Fresh lets you pick from six different options of boxes in regular and large sizes: fruit only, mixed fruit and veggie, no cooking, organic snack pack, traditional CSA, and veggie only. You can also customize your box by removing and adding items for the next delivery and even put items in the ‘Never Send’ or ‘Recurring Items’ lists. Deliveries are made every 1-4 weeks based on your selection between 8 pm- 8 am to keep the produce fresh.


We are barely on our second week and we are enjoying the different vegetables and fruits that have been coming into our kitchen. I can’t really find organic Romanesco Broccoli or Rainbow Chard at Ralphs. The pieces are beautiful and very fresh. My rainbow carrots came with actual soft, wet mud on the stems last week!

I’m still torn about promoting this particular company of produce delivery because they do offer dairy products from other farms. It’s a new development that I wasn’t aware of when I ordered. I may still continue trying for at least two more weeks without altering the box and by keeping my regular grocery store produce purchases to a minimum just to practice having a smaller produce list. But I’m very torn about this and looking for other suggestions of produce services from locally sourced, organic farms. I’m not very interested in recipe and ingredient services like Blue Apron and Purple Carrot at the moment. But will be open to trying in the future.


Got any services you suggest? I’m also looking into Farmers Markets. Got a favorite market you shop? Comment me your suggestions and thanks for reading!

The Handy Vegan,


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