Restaurant Review – Groundwork Coffee & Co.

Hello Herbivores! Took a bit of a family break there to go out and live a little life so I have more to blog about!

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Last Sunday, a friend of mine invited me out to Groundwork in North Hollywood near the Metro Station. This is an omnivore menu with a few vegan options – 99:1 in support of omnivores. I needed the challenge and did my menu research and decided to attend this outing. They do offer organic teas and single origin coffee and have a Community Outreach page on their website which is a nod towards social and environmental awareness. Thumbs up there!

The place is a little tough to find and even tougher to figure out where to park because it’s really more for someone about to board a Metro train. After figuring it out, the cafe has beautiful antique wood everywhere and a natural feel in terms of decor. They also have a varied hot and cold drink menu from Mexican Mocha and Vietnamese Iced Coffee to classic Iced Chai and several tea options. They offer their own brand of coffee beans and teas in simple but pretty packaging. Service was quick and friendly and the shop was tidy enough. I did have a problem with how uneven the wooden floorboards were, especially for a place that serves drinks. A little TOO antique for me!


My REAL agenda was to try the Vegan Affogato (hot espresso + ice cream) – of course when I get there they are out of vegan ice cream. They had two vegan menu options, and I didn’t bother to ask about if other orders could be made vegan. It was two orders of basically the same thing – either a tofu scramble burrito or taco with a side salad. Happily they had alternative milks beside their organic dairy; almond, hemp, soy, and house-made cashew milk. I find burritos tidier than tacos so I ordered that and a delicious Mexican Hot Chocolate with Hemp Milk. (Hemp milk is my son’s favorite!)

My hot chocolate was delicious. It was packed with different, complex tastes and spices. It also wasn’t too sweet as some hot chocolates tend to be. The hemp milk and alt-milk options were great to see. The burrito was okay. Again, most places serve up a burrito with veggies just to shut up the vegans and vegetarians. Not too impressed there.

My omnivore friend enjoyed her Umami Bowl and Iced Mango Tea very much. So great place to bring your omni-pals!

Inspite of it’s vegan shortcomings, I would still keep this place on my list for a coffee spot. I do still have to try the affogato after all! It’s also a lamb’s ear away from my house so convenience is great. Good conversation and a cup of coffee made my afternoon that day. Thanks to my friend Gerry for the invite and Groundwork Coffee!  


(Above: I gave this milk bottle dirty looks.)


The Handy Vegan,


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