What Do Raw Vegans Eat?

Hello herbivores!


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I’m reaching a place in my fitness journey that I’d like to experiment with a cleaner vegan diet than I’ve been eating. Tofu dogs, grilled veggies, and quinoa are great — but when tofu dogs and sausages become your comfort food it’s time to step back! The last time I did raw veganism was for a bout of juicing that resulted in an awful yo-yo effect. The primary goal for this is just to find out how I feel eating raw and see if it’s something I can incorporate into my regular routine a bit more. I do have a near-carnivore mom, omnivore hubby, and a nearly-vegan, vegetarian baby (with food texture issues! ^_^) so I do still have to cook in my household.

Comment me your thoughts on a raw vegan diet. What were your successes and failures on this diet? How did it make you feel? What helped you in starting out? Any tips would be much appreciated!

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Vegan Events

I will be attending my very first two vegan events this and next month and am very excited about it! I thought I’d share in case you’d all be interested and in the Southern California area. Join if you can!

For more events in Southern California check out Vegan Events or here at the Handy Vegan! We’ll be sure to post as soon as we find them.

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2/19 – Green Life Food Festival, Pasadena – FREE – WebsiteTickets | Schedule




MARCH 2017

3/26 – Vegan Street Fair, North Hollywood – FREE – Website



Vegan Valentine’s Day – Pt. 2: The Gifts

This topic comes to me with a bit of hesitancy because of the consumerism idea. I truly believe that you can give something to someone without promoting materialism or cruelty. With the state of divisiveness we have, vote with your dollars this Valentine’s Day.

The realm of gifts and experiences that money can buy is infinite. So instead of attempting to catalog and blog the infinite, I will keep this blog to a few basics that are very classic gifts for Valentine’s Day. I will also have a short list of wildcard gifts for your vegan valentine.

Gift #1: Flowers

Whether it’s for your spouse, mother, or grandmother, fresh cut flowers brought or delivered to your dear valentine have been a classic gift that usually is devoid of any real thought but still are so pretty that the recipient is stunned and forgoes any real sentiment put into the gift. Unless, this person has researched your birth flower at least knows the flowers you like, there really isn’t much thinking that goes into buying pretty flowers. In the end, those freshly-cut flowers end up dying in a week or less and going into the trash can. They are pricey, they don’t last very long, and they are an eco-disaster.

While there are plenty of other gifts you can buy your beloved, if he or she is still a big fan of receiving a bouquet of tulips or roses my suggestion to you is to make an alternative bouquet. Oddly enough, I found some alternatives in a wedding article about bouquets on Domino. You can buy or make bouquets out of many other beautiful materials; felt flowers, brooches, feathers, succulents, and my favorite two which are paper and herbs. There are other options listed and they are accompanied by beautiful pictures of those examples.


I think an herbal bouquet is beautiful because of the fragrance it can lend wherever it is being housed. I love how affordable this type of bouquet can be and that it can eventually be used to cook a yummy meal for another romantic night after Valentine’s Day.


Also, I really love the idea of paper flowers because they could really be out of any kind of paper and have any kind of customization to them. For example, your significant other could be a Jane Austen junkie, musically-inclined, a comic book nerd, a painter… and as long as it can be found or made on paper – you can make flowers from it.

One innovative personal friend of mine, Papercraft & Roses, uses many different kinds of textures, colors, and prints of paper and buys from eco-conscious sources to make beautiful flowers perfect for centerpieces, bouquets, flower crowns, etc. My personal favorite are her line of roses made from seed paper that can be used to grow wildflowers and herbs. This crosses my favorite two together actually!

They are equally as beautiful as commercial, fresh-cut flowers and a morally happier way to spend on your sweetheart.

Gift #2: Chocolates

I’m sure you’ve walked into CVS or whatever your go-to convenience drugstore is and have walked through aisles of heart-shaped candy boxes of the cheapest most disgusting chocolate they can charge you for. Before becoming a Stay-at-Home Mum, I was an elementary school teacher. And every Valentine’s Day, I would get these little $5 boxes of candy that my students’ mommies made sure to buy for the teacher. They were sweetly-covered with a little handwritten message in chicken scratch or carefully-lettered cursive but inside that box was horrible, awful stuff.

As part of trying to purchase more thoughtfully and intentionally, there are a few great vegan chocolate brands I’ve come across that have delicious-looking, cruelty-free chocolate in beautiful Valentine displays.


On the expensive, but excruciatingly beautiful side are Vegan Treats‘ two gourmet chocolate boxes called Fatally Yours and Vegan Valentine. They also have ultimate deluxe versions that sample other chocolates in their shop. Definitely impressive, beautifully-made chocolate, gluten-free, and vegan.

On the much more affordable side, is Buddha Chocolate. They offer chocolate in the form of bars, cups, and bark. They are gifted in simple heart-shaped boxes or in heart-adorned bags. Prices are very reasonable and look decadent even for this price point. The two that are topped with roses are Rose Hazelnut Bark and Rose Creme Cups. These had me sold at ‘rose.’ I love flowers and the idea of a cross between roses and chocolate is so perfect for a sap like me.

There are also plenty of recipes on our Pinterest account for vegan chocolates. I’ve already given a couple of them on Part 1 in the form of dessert or fudge. But strictly in the name of handheld chocolate, I’ve chosen a Chocolate Cashew Butter Heart Cup from the Paleo Running MommaNo Bake Raspberry Chocolate Truffles from My Food & Happiness, and  Vegan Chocolate Caramels from A Virtual Vegan. Give any of these a try if you’d rather make lovely chocolates yourself.

Gift #3: Wildcard Gifts

Here’s a list of other vegan or sustainable gift options for you. No commissions here just suggestions! Now there’s plenty of brands for all of these things but here are just a few I’ve picked out. There are also plenty of pre-made Vday gift lists on google. I’m sure you already knew that though!


Valentine’s day is 1 week away so I hope you and your loved ones make the most of a perfect opportunity to show them that you love them. Your husband, wife, mother, son, dog, neighbor, co-workers — show them all that you care!


The Handy Vegan,

Restaurant Review – By Chloe, Silverlake

img_3283img_3248My baby bear is old enough to participate in a lot more things than he could last year. So, I decided we should go celebrate the Lunar New Year somewhere! I really wanted to show him a dancing, ten-person dragon but we didn’t quite catch it this year. Instead of going to Chinatown and getting in the thick of street and feet traffic, I thought the Americana in Glendale would be okay. Hello, my name is wrong. Smaller space with so many people and not really many interactive things for toddler… After buying a kite and decorating a lantern and a fan we were out of that popsicle stand and really hangry!

I was up to the challenge of eating at an omnivore’s restaurant but with Mr. V so accommodating and very much ready to leave the Americana, we drove to Silverlake after some trusty yelp research.


By Chloe, is a cafe beside a 365 by Whole Foods Market. This all-vegan cafe with 6 franchises in New York, 2 in Boston, and our mini version in L.A. is stylish, 100% vegan and plant-based, and a happy burger and ice cream craving remedy for me! They serve American classics; such as burgers, sandwiches, french fries, salads, and pastas. They also have a coffee and ice cream portion of the menu with exciting choices. Even your puppy can dine here! There are 2 items on the menu for your fur baby!


Service was really friendly and quick. The dining area is tiny though and had no high chairs. We had to improvise and use our stroller for my son to eat. There’s a huge lot in front of the market and cafe, so that’s not an issue. I also thought the quirky decor was stylish and modern. They have a graphic style on all of their printed items; napkins, menu, signage – and it is retro and very cute. They used that same black and white style on a coloring page and offered crayons for kids… even though they have no high chairs…


I ordered the Whiskey BBQ burger, Mr. V got a Pesto Meatball Sandwich, we shared a side of Sweet Potato French Fries, and got the Mac n Cheese for the little man. This was accompanied by the self-serve Beet Ketchup and Spicy Aioli sauces.

My Whiskey BBQ Burger consisted of seitan and mushrooms, grilled pineapple, a sauteed kale and onion marmalade,  atop a potato brioche bun, with a Bourbon BBQ sauce. I loved that the sauce had a kick to it because the sweetness of the pineapple complemented it. Because of the presentation, half of the “burger” part of my “burger” fell to the bottom and I had a pineapple sandwich for my first bites! After reconstructing it, I was satisfied with my order of choice. I am not a fan of bready burgers, so I actually can say I would’ve preferred a smaller bun. But, the bread itself was soft and had that firm, brown outer brioche shell. The sweet potato fries had me hooked on their in-house made sauces. The beet ketchup was of course a beautiful bright pink and tasted like organic gourmet ketchup. But the winner in the sauce world today was the Spicy Aioli. It had a nice thick but spreadable, mayo-like texture and a nice smokey, creamy taste. Knowing this is a vegan restaurant – I was really pleased to receive treats like having a burger, spicy aioli sauce, and french fries. I felt normal. As opposed to the opposite, which is struggling to find and veganize the menu before it’s your turn to order.


My hubby’s order was the Pesto Meatball Sandwich. The “meatballs” (mushroom + veggie) were delicious and tasted in-house made as well. The sauce on it was really wonderful. I actually wanted to complain that I thought a bigger meatball and less bread would’ve made me shut up. It was so good, of course I wanted more! A clean plate let me know how Mr. V felt about it. He also had a cold brew with their in-house made creamer (almond milk, agave, vanilla, and spices.) He of course thought it wasn’t strong enough because he basically lives on caffeine from coffee. I thought it was delicious! And so neat to have your own creamer to offer.

My son thoroughly enjoyed his vegan Mac n Cheese. We spread beet ketchup on it and it made the whole tray a lot more colorful!

Of course, I needed to review at least 1-2 desserts. Especially since they were winking at me from the door. There was a huge chocolate chip bunuelo, “Chlostess” cupcake, and ice cream & pops! I even got to sample their Purple Rain smoothie and it was delicious.


We ordered the hostess lookalike Chlostess cupcake and the Kale Cookies + Cream ice cream. The cupcake had the same exact consistency as the Hostess brand. This is hard to replicate so props for that By Chloe! The Kale Cookies + Cream ice cream had a smokey flavor to it and the cookies were soft cookies not your typical Oreo. I really enjoyed both desserts and so did my family! They had 4 other ice cream flavors, a handful of pop flavors, and a counter filled with baked pastries. Including a Bunuelo-style, chocolate chip cookie.

Overall, I really appreciate that this is beside a market. You could bring your family for lunch then go shopping  afterwards. However, not having a single high chair in the whole joint was pretty discouraging to me. I suppose eating then shopping is left to families with older children. I’m glad we parked nearby and had the stroller ready as per usual. That would be a great plan. It is on the smaller side, so I wouldn’t bring more than a party of 2-3. The menu is pretty classic SoCal and we loved it.

If you’re ever in Silverlake and would like to grab a bite and maybe pick up some organic produce – By Chloe is yummy and really cute! They also have brunch on weekends. Something to consider when planning a visit. Everything really did taste in-house made and fresh.

Thanks for the eats By Chloe!

The Handy Vegan,

Vegan Valentine’s Day – Pt. 1: The Eats

Hello, hello fellow herbivores! It’s less than 2 weeks until V-Day and it’s time to think about how to celebrate the people (and maybe animals!) in our lives whom we love and care for. Now I will admit that I actually really love going all out on the bright pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day. I’m a teacher by profession and decorating our classroom and boards for the upcoming seasonal holiday was always a small pleasure of the job. It’s not corny, it’s festive and fun! Bringing that effort to your loved ones meal or room is a thoughtful and deliberate act of love. So get ready for pink, and hearts, and flowers!

A way to a vegan’s heart is through a happy and conscious stomach! Have you decided whether you are cooking or reserving a table for your valentine? A few things to consider are also time of day you’d like to have your date. Some ways to switch it up from your traditional wining and dining night on the town are to serve breakfast in bed or enjoy a gallery or garden during the day and have a lunch date afterwards.

Breakfast in Bed


After scouring different vegan and valentine-themed breakfast recipes I’m loving the look and inevitable yummy tastes of a pinterest find for Red Velvet Beet Pancakes by Emilie Eats. There are plenty of recipes online but I find the bright pink pancake paired with raspberries would just be divine to be served in bed with some warm coffee or your hot drink of choice. The only modification I would make would be that instead of plain maple syrup that you add a little something special. Make a special chocolate syrup and add cocoa powder to the top of the pancake stack for added chocolate-boosting love vibes! Or maybe the Cashew Vanilla Sauce I pinned on our Valentine’s board from the Sugar Free Londoner.

Lunch Date & Homecooked Lunch

After say a visit to the Broad or LACMA museums, a sunny lunch date would be charming. I have two restaurant suggestions near to both of those museums for the lunch hour and those are Cafe Gratitude and Eko Eats.

Cafe Gratitude, Downtown L.A.

Starting off, Cafe Gratitude is a very chic, hipster vegan cafe that is conscious all the way down to it’s plates that greet you with “What are you grateful for?” and the conversation starters that the waiters prompt you with as well. They have a varied selection of dishes with international inspirations; East Asian, Indian, American, Italian, and Mexican. This place would also be great for breakfast or brunch. It’s bright and airy and has great breakfast options. It’s a beautiful place to sit during the day for some light food and lovely conversation. I love that they have a varied dessert and drink menu as well! A little wine in the afternoon never hurt anybody! Cafe Gratitude also has a sister restaurant for vegan Mexican food called Gracias Madre. If you’re looking to add some Latin flare to your Valentine’s day lunch – check them out!

Eko Eats, Downtown L.A.

The next option is a personal craving that I know my omnivore hubby would adore and really appreciate. We are both Asian-American and really love eating food from different Asian countries. It’s just that the chances of finding those beloved dishes with such great flavors served vegan are slim to none. Eko Eats is Korean food for omnivores, vegans, and the gluten-free crowd. Finally, vegan Korean! They have classic orders like bibimbap (rice bowl with veggies), jook (rice porridge), and japchae (glass noodles). Fried chicken can be opted out for organic fried tofu. It’s a simple menu with bold dishes that’s sure to please both the omnivore and the herbivore in the couple. Now if only I saw vegan bulgogi tofu on the menu…

Home-Cooked Lunch

Lastly, a home-cooked lunch for your significant other would also be a very romantic option if you brought it out for a picnic. I kept the flavors fresh and Italian-style. I’ve chosen a few recipes that I’ve pinned for the Balsamic Strawberry Asparagus and the Artichoke Pesto Pasta with Fried Chick Peas! Hardy meals that are easy to eat out on the grass at a park. Don’t forget some Amaretto Truffles! These are all fairly simple and are great for a picnic. A picnic basket, blanket, and some cuddles are all you need to complete a sweet picnic lunch for Valentine’s Day.

Dinner Date & Homecooked Dinner

After browsing the L.A. Weekly article, 14 Places in L.A. to Have a Very Vegan Valentine’s Daythere really are some great places to go and not feel like you are stuck cooking if you don’t have the time or the skills. My 3 suggestions for the a dinner date are Au Lac, Crossroads, and Shojin.

Au Lac, Downtown L.A.

Vietnamese food wouldn’t normally strike me for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. But, the presentation, elegant atmosphere, and delicious vegan food at Au Lac are enough to qualify Vietnamese cuisine into your date night rotation! If the beautiful wooden piano and chandeliers don’t get you, the beautiful and tasty vegan eats will! Classic dishes like pho and bun are available and a slew of other tantalizing options. I especially like how both of the Vietnamese specials sound on the menu. They have a few surprising items on their menu that aren’t of Vietnamese inspiration; like the TiRAWmisu and the Bombay Mix. But I think we can get over it with a piece of the TiRAWmisu…

Crossroads, Beverly Grove

At $$$ on Yelp, this place is definitely a special, once in a long while experience you’d be partaking in. As a mother, it is hard to justify  such pricey eats but for Valentine’s Day and to celebrate the love of my life — it is very appropriate. Crossroads is a Mediterranean dining experience that you wouldn’t expect also happens to be vegan! Though I still see other influences, I think they have a menu that is simple but is artfully crafted. The food is presented exceptionally, on double-lined table cloths, with elegant lighting and decor. They also boast of a “full bar and cocktail program.” They have a seasonal menu and offer lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends. This is a very classy spot – aimed to impress vegan and omnivore alike. And with options on the menu like Grilled Maitake Mushrooms on a Potato Puree or a fully vegan Kite Hill Cheese Plate – I’m making reservations! They do have a Valentine’s Day special menu if you’d like to peek too!

Shojin, Downtown L.A.

If you’re better half loves Japanese food as much as mine does, this will be especially special for Valentine’s Day. They have your classic Dynamite Rolls and Baked Scallop Rolls but vegan and scrumptious! I’m most excited to see BBQ Kushi-yaki (skewered soy meat) and a wide sushi AND ramen selection on the menu. The last time I’ve been there was for a previous Valentine’s Day and we were there for a multiple-course, special event menu. We also received a souvenir gift of chopsticks and a CD, they gave us a printed photo that they took that same evening with a cute prop — it was just beyond hospitable and cozy. I felt as if a friend was celebrating Valentine’s Day with me. It was very memorable and has since been my only great vegan Japanese experience to date!

Home-Cooked Dinner

Mr. V and I have a history of being heavy eaters and veganism didn’t exactly change that for me. A Grilled Caesar Salad is for starters from Blissful Basil. These just elevates the poor ole Caesar to something you’d take interest in eating not pawning off on a family member or the dog! Second, I’ve chosen two entrees. The Cauliflower Steaks and Mushroom Bourgignon from Making Thyme for Health. If you’re going to make dinner on Valentine’s Day  it’s gotta be comfortable but show a lot of love. These dishes seem easy enough to make but are very thoughtful dishes. A comfortable mushroom stew on potatoes? Then vegan cauliflower steak? This trio seem very classic but not boring at all!

Save Room for Dessert!

Last but not least is that sweet treat on the tail end of the meal. Right before cuddle time! My top three choices are an alcoholic dessert, something chocolate-y, and something not chocolate-y. Something pink and bubbly for you is a Raspberry Pink Champagne Float from Brit + Co. For the chocolate lover, which is most of us I think, two different kinds of chocolate fudge. Initially I was going with a chocolate cupcake but that doesn’t exactly scream romantic to me. I think a soft piece of handmade chocolate fudge is sexy and romantic to share. I picked a Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge from Texan Erin and a Salted Caramel Fudge from Feel Great in 8. Lastly for a non-chocolate option, a Strawberry Cheesecake from Lazy Cat Kitchen.

As if this post wasn’t long enough… We have more posts coming covering vegan chocolates for your sweetheart, alternatives to fresh flower bouquets, and gifts! Keep tuning in for Part 2!

The Handy Vegan,

Quick Eats – Loteria Grill at the Farmers Market at the Grove

A mommy-friend with her little ones and I with my boy decided to catch a weekly Kids Club day at the Grove and have some lunch. They played Latin music and sang in English and Spanish today at Kids Club. The singer was Colombian. A foreshadowing of food to come.

I had only researched restaurants outside of the Grove (will go to Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine next time!) and not the Farmers Market so I went in semi-blind to lunch today. Which I don’t like. I like having a game plan, especially when out with the baby bear. 

Firsthand, I knew there were produce stands and a smoothie place if I gave up on savory, cooked food. So you raw folks, definitely have options. I did see falafels upon entering. But I’ve been craving Mexican for a bit so I was excited to see Loteria Grill.

(Photo c/o: Let’s Om Nom)

They have a vegetarian portion of their menu. I decided to try different vegetables in my tacos today. Sadly, didn’t get pictures cause I was juggling feeding my son and forgot but will have it in the pipeline to re-review the Farmers Market at the Grove officially. If we like Kids Club I may return sooner than later. 

I ordered the nopalitos (cactus paddle) and calabacitas (Mexican squash – closer to a zucchini than squash as I know it) tacos with rice and beans. You have to ask for no cheese and have the option of subbing a lettuce cup instead of the corn tortillas. I wish I had because it was a bit greasy of a tortilla for me. I’ve seen nopales cactus paddles at my produce store but have admittedly been a bit intimidated to try them out. The nopales were a pleasant surprise! They were tender and well-seasoned. I liked them more than the squash. The Mexican squash is just a familiar taste and texture (zucchini) and I was hoping for more of a butternut squash taco. My mistake! The tomatillo salsa on both tacos was also delicious and even the black beans were very flavorful too.

Mexican craving satisfied. Yum! 🌮🌵🇲🇽

The Handy Vegan,


Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Home cooked meal or restaurant? Breakfast in bed or dinner for two? Handmade gift or online order?

Valentine’s Day is in 2 weeks and if you’re like me you haven’t done a thing about it yet! We’ve got a Valentine’s Day post coming up for you this Friday. Restaurant suggestions, recipes, gift ideas! Get ready for an explosion of love in all styles, shapes, and colors my vegan friends!

While you’re waiting we’ve got loads of fun articles we’ve pinned for you. Check these out for starters!

The Handy Vegan,


Easy Street – Fairfax & 4th

After a rushed morning yesterday, I tried to get my little family’s butts over to the La Brea Tarpits for the free admission. But only after a lunch with some friends who picked a very classic Italian restaurant, veal included.

Andre’s on Fairfax and 4th near the LACMA & Tarpits has one vegetarian sandwich and a few veggie side orders – but I wasn’t up for a boring salad and sides.

Thankfully, Whole Foods Market was just nearby in the same plaza. I haven’t stepped into this particular one after switching to vegan but it was lovely. They have a hot and cold food bar. I had a heavy helping of the bean Masala and curry rice. There was some tofu that was forgettable and some delicious cinnamon sweet potatoes. Of course there were plenty of hot and cold vegetables of different tastes. I picked the garlic broccoli. Yum! You pay by the pound so overbuying is definitely an understandable outcome. My check was higher than I wanted but I brought this food over to the restaurant for a peace offering. 

In this case, I avoided the Italian restaurant altogether and went with the quick, convenient way. 

Sorry no pictures this post, folks. I didn’t snap any that time and want to post only original photos using my “fancy” camera.

The grocery store was my fast food, ladies and gents! Convenient, healthy, and cruelty-free. 💚🌱

The Handy Vegan,


Bakery Review – Feel Good Desserts, Simi Valley


No lunch with my ladies is complete without a bit of indulgence. Veganism has definitely not stopped my sweet tooth. And as much as I love a banana nice cream or sweet mandarins, sometimes a little baked delight never hurt nobody! It was ladies lunching and we didn’t get dessert over at the Natural Cafe, so we gave ourselves sweet, sugary permission to be sinful for the day.

We decided on an impromptu visit to Feel Good Desserts courtesy of Yelp once again. This is definitely a place for making orders to-go or placing big orders for an upcoming party. With one table inside and the special occasion catalog binder on it, it’s not much of a dine-in bakery but it was worth our time visiting. The bakery was being managed by a kind young man, Mikey, with polite service. There’s a Parisian shabby chic motif inside with little quirky-cute accents everywhere. It’s a simple place to pick up a cupcake and go. The charm and heart is in the sweets not in the exterior bakery or it’s decorations.

This bakery distributes to 3 local vegan-conscious locations – one of which I’ve already reviewed, Follow Your Heart (FYH) Natural Foods & Cafe in Woodland Hills. It was a very happy coincidence that we yelp’d this bakery. Now I’ll be checking in on their goods at FYH!


After perusing the refrigerator section of its juices and the counter, with it’s adorable pastel-colored vegan macaroons, I decided on a Snickerdoodle Cupcake for myself and a Green Tea Mousse Cake to go for Mr. V. Mikey was kind enough to check the freezer and warn me that it’d need to defrost a bit before sitting down to eat it. The menus on the walls were handwritten and I liked that it was a simple menu with not too many choices. Our lunch location that day, the Natural Cafe, had a very wide selection and a little simplicity was welcome at that point.

My Snickerdoodle Cupcake was chilled very well so there was no unfortunate melting of the frosting. It was at a buttercream texture and had a very moist cake underneath. The vanilla and cinnamon flavors were tasty and the spice wasn’t overpowering. The portion for $3.49 was also pretty decent. I’m sad to say I left my hubby’s cake in my friend’s freezer and am not able to review that part! Sorry! At least she will get to enjoy a little icey surprise some time soon.

All 3 of my omnivore friends who researched and accompanied me to this bakery ordered and enjoyed their treats. I love my supportive friends so much and I’m grateful to have shared their company to provide you with this review. Big hugs to Teresa, Sandy, and Helen – my bookstore gals!


This place is definitely a no-brainer. I didn’t have to modify any orders as it is an all-vegan bakery and was able to be a kid in a candy store! I will be considering this place for future parties or even Valentine’s day and will share my orders here with you all if I do. If you’re ever in Simi Valley and looking for some red velvet cupcake or chocolate ganache cake – go to Feel Good Desserts, folks!


P.S. I also got to go home with a cute little souvenir bracelet that reads “I 💚 therefore I am vegan.”

The Handy Vegan,